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QAQC (E&I) Inspector
8 months ago
Job Number
Country of work
Singapore Offshore Island
QAQC (E&I) Inspector
Minimum Education
To fill by
6500 - 8500 SGD Per Month
Number of vacancies


Job Description

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  • Responsible to establish the Inspection and Test Plan and all other quality-related documents for E&I Discipline.
  • Responsible to establish project Method statements for various activities required for the project.
  • Ensure and maintain material and works quality/standards according to project specifications and approved international standards.
  • Resolve all quality-oriented issues with client counterparts.
  • Attend weekly quality meetings with clients and in-house meetings.
  • Responsible to get the Project Mockup approved by the client.
  • Conduct site surveillance and maintain a log and advise construction to close accordingly.
  • Perform site inspection on completed items with client counterpart and get the relevant mechanical completion document signed off (ITR)
  • Monitor and accept the material receiving inspection and preservation procedure according to the project needs.
  • Monitor and inspect all the installations for correctness and compliance according to project requirements.
  • Coordinate with client and 3rd party for inspection and get it cleared.
  • Maintain all updates and logs related to QA/QC activity and circulate to every concerned department for information.
  • Knowledge of ATEX and various international/Project standards.

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma/Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Min 5 years relevant experience with in chemical plants
  • Must with full valid CompEX certification
  • Familiar with government regulations
  • AWSHPP certified