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    Senior Production Supervisor
    18 days ago
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    Senior Production Supervisor
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    1 - 2 SGD Per Month
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    Specialty projects


    Job Description

    • Maintain close observation of orders to keep informed of manufacturing status and, when needed, initiate the necessary steps to conform to schedule.
    • Supervise shift personnel in the manufacture of products consistent with high quality and safety standards.
    • Review and approve work time in the appropriate time keeping system. Maintain and verify accuracy of the hours each employee has worked.
    • Adjust direct labor to support demand and manage available resources to ensure on time production and delivery of customer orders.
    • Liaise with internal and external customers and other departments as appropriate.
    • Participate in special project teams as assigned.
    • Performs other duties as assigned based on business needs.
    • Conforms with and abides by all laws, regulations, policies, work procedures, instruction, and all safety rules.
    • Exhibits regular, reliable, punctual and predictable attendance.
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Perform routine visual inspection of work areas for unusual occurrences, safety hazards, housekeeping, work space organization and generate work orders where appropriate.
    • Recommend and implement measures to motivate employees and to encourage employees to recommend ways to improve process, quality, safety and efficiency.