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    The role reports to the CEO. The responsibilities revolve around ensuring their company/group projects move forward on-schedule and on-budget. Often, this entails creating schedules, managing personnel, communicating with clients, and working with project managers to overcome challenges.

    At a high level, Operations managers solve problems that might impede their company’s ability to produce deliverables on-time and within budget. This often means addressing urgent problems that arise day-to-day including securing additional resources should changes in a project’s scope necessitate them., communicate with the project managers and other stakeholders to understand the issue, build a case, and present it to financial decision makers.

    Incumbent  is proactive, staying involved at every stage of the project cycle to ensure planning accounts for potential issues down the line. A strong figure head who know the process and able to estimate the potential outcome. In-addition, the incumbent is also well connected in the market with clients to support/supplement to the new / existing business development of the company and also resourceful to the happening in the market in Singapore an if possible, the region.

    Incumbent  are held accountable for a wide swath of outcomes and deliverables. Consequently, they need to be adept delegators if they want to keep things moving on-time

    • Incumbent manages a team of project managers and/or LCC GM
    • Facilitating site planning meetings to resolve issue on early stage through constant evaluation of all project progress.
    • Review on the project/company resource usage
    • Identifying project risks and proposing solutions
    • Measuring and managing client satisfaction
    • Facilitating monthly/ weekly  operations meetings
    • Attain market information / support business devleopment


    • At least a degree in engineering or construction technology, civil, mechanical with 15 years of relent experience in EPCM.
    • Experienced in handling government / private projects i.e. oil/gas, solar, renewable, water with a project value of at least $150m-250m. 
    • A strong leader that have the flare and eloquent capability to lead a team of PM/GMs and develop /guide them as well
    • Incumbents must be very strong communicators, led solution management i.e. take charge, evaluate, propose and implement appropriate solutions.
    • Strong in negotiation and managing interpersonal conflicts. Diplomatic yet firm.
    • Strong presenter i.e. able to present, assemble that data in a concise format, and report confidently to the stakeholders/clients.
    • Needs to be practical, flexible, and adaptable.
    • Able to manage pressure/ stress.