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Planning Assistant
7 days ago
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Planning Assistant
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3500 - 4200 SGD Per Month
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Job Description

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  • Develop detailed planning steps incorporating safety concerns and site requirements, for both Preventive and Corrective Maintenance for TAs.
  • Develop complete TA work packages ready for execution.
  • Coordinate with PMC, Asset Integrity & Reliability team, Warehouse team, Procurement team and contractors or vendors for TA work package preparations.
  • Engage field execution counterpart during planning stage, for efficient handover of TA work package.
  • Develop detailed TA planning steps for work requests, prepare materials or spare parts required, create & release inventory PR, generate MR for stock items.
  • Coordinate with the Procurement team to source for non-stock materials and external services, create PR upon alignment with PMC and field execution personnel.
  • Coordinate with PMC, contractors and vendors for the TA execution window.
  • Prepare and create initial Invoice Proposal in Bio+ before TA execution, and perform final Invoicing Allow upon job completion.
  • Create and update task lists in the task library and contribute to continuous improvement for task lists accuracy.
  • Work closely with the TA scheduler to optimise all resources, while making sure Operations and safety are not compromised.
  • Prepare TA reports for KPI tracking.

The TA Planner is responsible for developing efficient and effective work package planning for TA work requests, which include both multi discipline equipment. The role is also responsible for preparing Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance and Operations Support activities for TA. The TA Planner is responsible to deliver work packages which comply with Planning and Scheduling process efficiency, this includes integrating the needs and contributions of Reliability, Asset Integrity, Operations and HSSEQ teams.

Keys to success in this role

The best combination of experiences, skills and background is

  • Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines.
  • At least 5 years relevant experience in refinery and petrochemical.
  • Experienced in TA, maintenance work control, planning, costing.
  • Good communication negotiation and business sense