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UI / UX Developer
9 days ago
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UI / UX Developer
Minimum Education
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7000 - 8500 SGD Per Month
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Job Description

More Jobs at: www.blueboxjobs.com

Experience: Minimum of 5 years


  • Renewable contract (Performance-based, with possibility of conversion to perm)

  • Medical Insurance Coverage

  • Leave credits

  • Performance Bonus




  • Design and Develop User Interfaces: Create intuitive and visually engaging user interfaces using React.js and Angular.js, ensuring smooth navigation and optimal user experience.

  • Wireframe and Approval Workflow Design: Develop wireframes and design mock-ups that capture user requirements and align with project goals. Collaborate with stakeholders to obtain design approvals.

  • Email Workflow Design: Design email templates that align with our brand identity and drive engagement through visually appealing and responsive email campaigns.

  • Widget Development: Design and implement interactive widgets that enhance user interaction and improve website usability.

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CICD): Collaborate with the development team to implement efficient CI/CD pipelines to ensure smooth and timely deployment of webpages.

  • Software Security Scan: Conduct software security scans and implement necessary measures to ensure the integrity and security of our webpages.

  • Exposure to Node.js and Java: Utilize your knowledge of Node.js and Java to integrate front-end components with back-end services seamlessly.

  • Collaborate with DevOps: Work closely with our DevOps team to optimize webpage performance, enhance scalability, and improve overall user experience.


Additional Advantage:

  • Exposure to Photoshop and Lightroom: Familiarity with image editing and optimization tools to enhance visual elements on webpages.

  • Logo Design: Proficiency in logo design will be an added advantage to create unique and visually appealing brand identities.




  • Proven experience as a UI/UX Developer and Webpage Designer.

  • Proficiency in React.js and Angular.js for building responsive and dynamic user interfaces.

  • Strong skills in wireframe design and creating visually appealing mock-ups.

  • Experience in approval workflow design and incorporating feedback from stakeholders.

  • Familiarity with email workflow design and best practices for email campaigns.

  • Ability to develop interactive widgets to enhance user experience.

  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Deployment (CICD) processes for efficient web deployment.

  • Understanding of software security scans and measures to ensure secure webpages.

  • Exposure to Node.js and Java for seamless front-end and back-end integration.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.