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M & E Manager
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M & E Manager
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• Drive a strong operations team to secure the efficiency, adherence, continuity, compliance, and follow up on processes ·
• Lead the team in day-to-day operation to achieve operational goals ·
• Manage shift resources (manpower, machine, and materials) to meet production needs ·
• Manage employee relations and escalate issues when appropriate (Decision Making) ·
• Work with supervisors to identify and build relevant skillset and capabilities within the team ·
• Develop a training plan for the team including induction, on-the-job training, and certification ·
• Develop, support, and coach the team by giving timely and constructive feedback and empowering employees to take on higher/ more responsibilities (employee engagement) ·
• Preparing and reviewing performance data to monitor and measure the team’s productivity and effectiveness ·
• Improving processes and efficiencies in the team ·
• Managing the professional development of your
team members, and executing strategies to retain top talent ·
• Verify that recommended repair works for equipment and system failures are implemented ·
• Review recommended repair works and solutions to address equipment and system failures ·
• Lead root cause analysis of equipment and system failures and malfunctions, and develop reports ·
• Review testing, maintenance, and repair records to evaluate the impact of trends, and potential malfunctions and solutions ·
• Review housekeeping procedures and standards to ensure adherence to required quality standards ·
• Collaborate with internal stakeholders on operations ·
• Evaluate the feasibility of identified resourcing requirements to achieve an operational state in accordance with organizational standards ·
• Review operational plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for equipment and systems · • Review methods of application for emerging technologies to improve performance monitoring and process troubleshooting ·
• Lead root cause analysis of equipment and system underperformance, and develop reports ·
• Drive departmental plans to ensure compliance with the organizational Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policies ·
• Review contractor and vendor compliance with the organization’s WSH standards and practices ·
• Ensure proper closure of WSH accident and incident investigations and their notification to relevant authorities ·
• Ensure implementation of sustainable engineering procedures and guidelines · Acquire and allocate resources to support business operations ·
• Develop risk management plans and risk controls in alignment with the organization’s risk management framework ·
• Analyse viability of proposed continuous improvement initiatives and drive change management ·
• Ensure discipline, safety, and procedural compliance by all team members · Develop maintenance plans and schedules for inspection, testing, repair, and predictive maintenance of equipment and systems Projects ·
• Act as the single contact point of project management of internal operational, strategic, and transformation projects ·
• Manage the delivery of internal project outcomes through its full lifecycle, ensuring the project is on track with respect to key measurement matrices such as cost, quality, and timelines ·
• Work in collaboration across teams/business units and external vendors · Prepare comprehensive and high-quality presentation slides and report to the management ·
• Prepare regular progress status reports for program committees with insights and improvement recommendations where necessary. ·
• Review standard processes, identify gaps for improvements, and opportunities for change · Potential growth opportunities to be directly involved in operations for candidates have career inspiration of business functions.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree or higher in Business, Project or Programme Management, or a related field ·
• Knowledge of program management methodologies, frameworks, and processes with a track record of successful deliveries ·
• Minimum 8 years of proven track record as a Project Manager or transformations team ·
• Experienced in delivering complex projects within a heavily matrixed organization, demonstrating a strong ability to lead and influence ·
• Excellent communication and presentation skills are essential. ·
• Adaptable to changing priorities and conditions; highly motivated with a strong mind 

Must be proficient in written English and Chinese as the client can only read these 2 languages.