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Assistant Resident Engineer (ICA)
18 days ago
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Assistant Resident Engineer (ICA)
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5500 - 6000 SGD Per Month
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Collaborate closely with the RE (ICA), Lead RE (ICA), and Engineering Manager to facilitate communication with the Client and third parties as needed.Operate under the guidance of the Control Systems Specialist (CSS) / Construction Manager, and maintain close coordination with members of the Resident Engineering team, including RE / RTO for CSA and M&E disciplines.
Thoroughly review and comprehend the scope, BIM, specifications, and drawings for all civil and structural works.
Adhere to plans, procedures, workflows, systems, and tools for supervising the project.
Utilize the BIM model for ICA works.
Work in tandem with the Lead RE / RE ICA to adhere to the forms and procedures for ICA function.
Under the direction of the CSS / RE ICA, conduct technical and engineering reviews of contractors' submissions, provide review comments, and ensure compliance with specification requirements.
Assist in cost estimation for variation works and participate in change management processes.
Ensure uniformity of inspections and quality control and assurance tasks across all contracts under the facility through various methods including:

  • Audits and discussions with fellow REs, RTOs, and CM.

  • Sharing lessons learned among the REs / RTOs.

  • Reviewing selected contractor method statements, inspection and test plans, inspection forms, and other documents.

  • Enforcing specifications and codes of practice.

Stay informed about ICA works progress and upcoming tasks through various means such as review of contractor works notices, and communications with the Resident Engineers.
Ensure inspection documentation fully complies with local authorities' and project requirements.
Keep RE / Lead RE / Engineering Manager informed of all significant quality issues and concerns.
Maintain a register of all construction quality issues for ICA. Monitor these to verify issues rectified and/or closed out.
Ensure adequacy of engineering, inspection, and testing functions for all contracts.
Monitor special inspection and testing requirements for ICA and ensure coordination of these efforts across all contracts.
Verify that contractors' documentation of their works meets the required project standards.
Maintain and update site records to ensure they are current and well-organized.
Participate in meetings and discussions with Client and contractors on ICA quality mtters.
Monitor the works of the Contractors for works designed and supervised by them, including receipt and review of required forms from the contractors.
Stay updated on Contractors' progress and performance and provide recommendations for improvements when gaps are identified.
Maintain site records and conduct periodic checks to ensure records are up to date and well-maintained.
Stay informed about monthly Work Progress Reports.
Provide independent assessment of the certification of the value of work completed and recommend progress payments to be made to Contractor when requested.
Ensure coordinated use of compatible materials and equipment.
Attend meetings and lead technical discussions with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders as required.